Digital Marketing and Its Types

In simple word, Digital Marketing is the one type of marketing which use to advertise product and sale on the internet like clothes, food, vegetable, mechanical parts and much more. Where internet user and customer see the ad on the internet and according to their’s need to buy a service and product.
Digital marketing has been developing since the internet started. After 2000s Digital Platform has changed the way brands and businesses using technology for digital marketing. Digital platforms are increasing rapidly corporate and incorporated into digital marketing plans for everyday life. As people in the year of 2018s use digital devices like phone, tablet, note laptop and desktop. They are using the digital platform to buy something instead of going to physical shops. Digital marketing campaigns are becoming more useful and efficiently nowadays.

There are two types of marketing in the world.

difference between digital and traditional marketing
One is Tradition Marketing and the second one is Digital Marketing:
I will explain more about digital because I am here to tell you guys about the digital world. Now come to the main point
Tradition Marketing: Tradition marketing is when a business owner or shopkeeper advertise his/her advertisement of product and service on TV, NEWSPAPER and PAMPLATE on wall and roadside poll and much more.
Digital Marketing: Digital marketing is when small or medium size business owner uses an online platform to sell or provide his/her service to the client and online user. It is also called online marketing or internet marketing.
Type of digital method:
There are many digital methods such as search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), social media optimization(SMO), social media marketing(SMM), affiliate marketing, email advertising, content writing, influencer advertising, campaign advertising, e-commerce advertising, display advertising, ebooks. In fact, the digital platform is extending to non-Internet channels that provide digital media, such as mobile phones (SMS and MMS), callback, and on-hold mobile ringtones.
Let me explain one by one to you.
SEO is acronyms for search engine optimization. This is an organic service(UNPAID) which means that the business owner of the website improves his website rank on SERP(SEARCH ENGINE RESULT PAGE)
SEO is Two Type:

On Page and Off Page Activity:-
On Page: Where the business owner of website himself, hire an agency or freelancer improve his title, description, meta tag, meta keyword, H1 tag, alt image, alt tag and write a blog on the website related to his business. On Page, activity improves his website rank on SERP.

For more information on On Page Activity: On Page SEO and Types of Keyword

Off Page: It is also used to improve website rank through backlink and off page activity. Off page activity comprise of many activity like classified submission, social bookmarking, blog submission on other famous blog site, blog comment, web submission, web 2.0 submission, Profile Submission, Directory Submission, Social Media share, Comment, Creating Page on Social media, Ping submission, Question and Answer submission, Review submission and much more.

difference between seo and sem

SMM is an inorganic service which means paid marketing. We can say that SMM is Google Ads. Google Ads is a paid service which helps the business owner to drive more sale on search engine and Google partner site.
Google Ads offers many services such as CPA, CPC, CPM, CPV, VCPM. Want to know about this check out my blog more.
Social Media is Also Two Type:

difference between smm and smo
1. SMO
2. SMM
SMO (SOCIAL MEDIA OPTIMIZATION) is a way to promote your product and service on the social media platform. It is an unpaid process. You only will have to make an account on social media and start to promote your service and product. 
SMM (SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING) is another way to promote your brands or service on the social platform. It is paid service like you will have to create a page which is also free, but to get more sale you should boost your post for that we have to pay some bucks to social media providers such as Facebook Marketing, Twitter Ads Marketing and LinkedIn Marketing.

Email Marketing: Email is also used to promote online business. This is also a part of digital marketing, have you heard the names of the email tools like MailChimp, Constant Contact, AWeber and GetResponse etc. These tools are used for small business and bulk emails. Email tools are used as lead marketing tools. Email marketing is one of the oldest and still very effective marketing in the digital world. Now gmails provide Social, Promotion, Primary separate section for the email. Every big or small companies use email to promote their new product, services. Here is an example I bought an iPhone after that I used my email as an account setup. Now whenever Apple releases new iPhone or services, I get the email about their new release. Because they know I am using their product and I may upgrade my phone that why they send the email as a lead generation.

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