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Search Engine Marketing and Its Types

Search Engine Marketing is online marketing where advertisers pay to search engine company(such as google, yahoo, bing) to display their service, product, and offer service listing on SERP, and ads network site.

PPC (Pay Per Click)

PPC refers to Pay per Click, is an internet marketing model, which offers advertisers to pay only if their ads are getting clicked. Additionally, it is a way to get visitors to a website by promoting it, instead of getting it organically.

PPC is one of the most popular forms of advertising over Search Engines. It enables the advertisers, to bid and place ads in search engines sponsored links.

For instance, let’s suppose if we bid on a keyword “web design”, our ad might get a display in the very top place on Google’s result page. Each time our ad gets clicked, it is actually sending a visitor to our website. For this, we’ve to pay a small fee to the search engine.

The amount we pay is negligible compared to the visitor we are getting; visitors are more valuable as it helps us to increase sales and obviously profit.

The important part of PPC campaign is in researching and finding the right keywords and then arranging them into well-organized campaigns and ad groups.

Finally, setting up the landing pages of the PPC campaign for optimized conversions.

Search engines service provider also reward advertisers, to create relevantly and intelligently targeted PPC campaigns, by charging them low cost.

If you are starting a PPC campaign, you should know, how to do it right!

Types of PPC ads:

So, before proceeding with PPC campaigns, it is obvious to know how a PPC campaign looks on the search engine results.

Most of the PPC ads appear in the search engine results but that’s not mandatory.

There are three types of PPC ads which is mainly important

Text Ads:

A text ad is basically a character-based ad, composed by the advertiser as of the conventional advertising system. There is a limit to the number of character but that depends on the PPC platform we are using. We’ll discuss this later.

Below is an example of a pay per click ad on Google Search Result Page(SERP) for ‘coffee mugs’ on the result page.

Text Ads on SERP

Display Ads:

As the name suggests, it is a PPC ad that displays an ad banner, customized and set by the advertiser. You might have seen such ad banners on most of the websites and especially on blogs.

The example of PPC ad banner is given below –

Display Ads on ads network website

Shopping Ads:

These ads are typically displayed whenever a searcher searches for some product. These ads get displayed in the search result with basically the product name, details, specifications, price etc.

These ads look like the image given below –

Shopping Ads (Sponsored) on SERP

Major PPC ads platform

There are numerous platforms available those who are providing text ads, banner ads and shopping ads. The core three platforms are:

Google Ads:

Google Ads formerly known as Google Adwords is Google’s primary PPC advertising platform that offers text, banner and shopping ads over its search network and Searches Partner’s sites along with banner and video. YouTube is a video advertising platform for Google.

Microsoft Advertising:

Formerly known as Bing ads is the PPC advertising platform of Microsoft advertising. This allows PPC ads on its search network i: e along with the search partner sites including and also on the Microsoft owned web properties as MSN.

Amazon ads:

Amazon advertising is the fastest growing PPC ad platform among the advertiser that focuses on product sell. It gives facilities to create Display ads and Shopping ads that are mostly product-focused.

Keyword Research

It is the most time-consuming process in PPC ad campaigns but also the most important one, as your PPC campaigns are built around the keywords. The utmost effectively searches engine marketing advertisers continuously improve and refine their keywords to drive more and more traffic and sales.

If you do not research keyword continuously, you could be missing lots of valuable, low cost, highly relevant, and long-tail keywords that can drive more traffic to your website and increase your sales.

Benefits of PPC Campaigns

It can be described with four points Speed, Precision, Agility and Measurement


If managed effectively, advertisers can drive much traffic to their website in less time. PPC ads are the fastest growing digital marketing strategy to get more traffic and sale and that too in lesser time.


The pay per click ads are keyword based on highly targeted search query towards the searcher to show them the ads too and are straight forward, especially on search and display network.


PPC ads performance data is available within no time of starting a PPC campaign. So, advertisers can make necessary adjustments as per their targeted audience to improve the chances of a successful campaign.


A PPC ad gives the facility of conversion tracking so that advertisers can effectively analyze the ROI of the campaign.

So, now as you know most of the things about PPC ads get your hands dipped and analyze yourself how effective it is.