Email Marketing | Pros and Cons of Email Marketing

What Email Marketing is

Email Marketing is the most asked questions on the internet when talking about digital marketing.

Email marketing is an essential tool for every type of businesses ever since the introduction of the internet to the world.

It mostly knows as the way to promote your product or services through mail. But the better definition might be the way to develop a relationship with the potential customers, clients, or serving better to the existing clients.

this is an example of email marketing
Email Marketing Example

Basically, Email marketing is one of the forms known as direct marketing that uses electronic mail as the means of communicating promotion or new products to potential customers. In a broader sense, Email Marketing could be considered as every mail sent to the current customer or the potential customer.

But email marketing term could be used as:

•             Sending emails to the current customers, with the purpose of enhancing the relationship and customer loyalty, of course, to repeat the business.

•             Sending emails to the potential customers to convince them for your product or services.

•             Sending emails to immediate customers in order to gain their faith in your product or services.

What are Pros of Email Marketing

The two most important advantages of email marketing are the cost and the ease of doing. Emailing is one of the most inexpensive ways of marketing your product or services as compared to other marketing strategies. And also, it is very easy to set up the campaign, and track an email marketing campaign, making it available for small businesses also.

The key advantages of email marketing are as follows:

•             Exact ROI can be tracked and is proven quite high as compared to other marketing tactics if done properly.

•             You can reach your potential customers who have subscribed you as their subject of interest.

•             More than half of the people using the internet check their emails daily.

•             Emails allow you to reach your potential customers or existing customers with personalized and relevant messages.

•             Moreover, email autoresponders help businesses to get in contact with the customers immediately after a purchase or any such event.

So, the questions arise here is, there might be some disadvantages too. And the answer is yes.

Cons of Email Marketing

The main disadvantage of email campaigning is rejection/spam rate by the customer’s email program that negatively affects the delivery rate of the email campaign. This could be eliminated by the ‘opt-in’ facility, where your customer can select your mail in the receiver list, to receive your emails in the inbox in future.

Now, here comes the final thing, ‘Why’ email campaigning and ‘how’ to do it. Let’s put a light on this.

The first thing comes first is ‘Why’?

Besides many things, let take just 3 key points:


Email marketing is really cheap as compared with other marketing techniques. Either you do it with yourself or get it done from some marketing agency, it’ll be far less than other marketing/ advertising channels.


Email marketing is done targeting the potential customer. And obviously, if you are targeting a customer that has an interest in your product/ service, ROI will be much higher than other direct marketing strategies.

Flexibility and accountability:

with the availability of tracking and other analytical tools to track the proper working of campaigns, and if found something then you can react instantly.

Now the question is ‘how’ to get a successful email campaign.

This can be achieved with a simple mnemonic “CRITICAL” yet too complex to understand.

So, let start here:

C: here C refers to Creative

So the email campaign should be creative enough to attract the customers in its overall design that includes text, images, colour, and layout.

R: R refers to Relevance

Your email campaign should be more relevant to the receivers which can be achieved by filtering your customer’s data for their interests if you want to increase the response rate of your email campaign.

I: I stand for Incentive

The recipients of your mail always look forward to what you’re offering them. Always include something for the potential customers, if you want them to respond.

T: T refers to Timing

Never do an email campaign that will pop up to the client in the midnight. Always try to make it received in the working hours only. Or you can analyze it by yourself, it can be certain days, or in a certain month or once in a year also that you are likely to get responded more, as compared to others.

I: This I refer to Integration

The business should not rely on only one marketing tactic, even not on many others. All the marketing strategies should be synchronized with each other and should be integrated. As all the images or offers should be the same on all platforms and if possible, timing also.

Others are ‘CAL’ i: e

C: Copy

refers to copywriting

A: Attribute

refers to the email headers

L: L refers Landing Page

the page where you want your customers to land when clicking a hyperlink in your mail.

So, yes email marketing is worth doing if done correctly for higher sales and less investment.

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Search Engine Marketing | Pay Per Click | Ads Platform

Search Engine Marketing and Its Types

Search Engine Marketing is online marketing where advertisers pay to search engine company(such as google, yahoo, bing) to display their service, product, and offer service listing on SERP, and ads network site.

PPC (Pay Per Click)

PPC refers to Pay per Click, is an internet marketing model, which offers advertisers to pay only if their ads are getting clicked. Additionally, it is a way to get visitors to a website by promoting it, instead of getting it organically.

PPC is one of the most popular forms of advertising over Search Engines. It enables the advertisers, to bid and place ads in search engines sponsored links.

For instance, let’s suppose if we bid on a keyword “web design”, our ad might get a display in the very top place on Google’s result page. Each time our ad gets clicked, it is actually sending a visitor to our website. For this, we’ve to pay a small fee to the search engine.

The amount we pay is negligible compared to the visitor we are getting; visitors are more valuable as it helps us to increase sales and obviously profit.

The important part of PPC campaign is in researching and finding the right keywords and then arranging them into well-organized campaigns and ad groups.

Finally, setting up the landing pages of the PPC campaign for optimized conversions.

Search engines service provider also reward advertisers, to create relevantly and intelligently targeted PPC campaigns, by charging them low cost.

If you are starting a PPC campaign, you should know, how to do it right!

Types of PPC ads:

So, before proceeding with PPC campaigns, it is obvious to know how a PPC campaign looks on the search engine results.

Most of the PPC ads appear in the search engine results but that’s not mandatory.

There are three types of PPC ads which is mainly important

Text Ads:

A text ad is basically a character-based ad, composed by the advertiser as of the conventional advertising system. There is a limit to the number of character but that depends on the PPC platform we are using. We’ll discuss this later.

Below is an example of a pay per click ad on Google Search Result Page(SERP) for ‘coffee mugs’ on the result page.

Text Ads on SERP

Display Ads:

As the name suggests, it is a PPC ad that displays an ad banner, customized and set by the advertiser. You might have seen such ad banners on most of the websites and especially on blogs.

The example of PPC ad banner is given below –

Display Ads on ads network website

Shopping Ads:

These ads are typically displayed whenever a searcher searches for some product. These ads get displayed in the search result with basically the product name, details, specifications, price etc.

These ads look like the image given below –

Shopping Ads (Sponsored) on SERP

Major PPC ads platform

There are numerous platforms available those who are providing text ads, banner ads and shopping ads. The core three platforms are:

Google Ads:

Google Ads formerly known as Google Adwords is Google’s primary PPC advertising platform that offers text, banner and shopping ads over its search network and Searches Partner’s sites along with banner and video. YouTube is a video advertising platform for Google.

Microsoft Advertising:

Formerly known as Bing ads is the PPC advertising platform of Microsoft advertising. This allows PPC ads on its search network i: e along with the search partner sites including and also on the Microsoft owned web properties as MSN.

Amazon ads:

Amazon advertising is the fastest growing PPC ad platform among the advertiser that focuses on product sell. It gives facilities to create Display ads and Shopping ads that are mostly product-focused.

Keyword Research

It is the most time-consuming process in PPC ad campaigns but also the most important one, as your PPC campaigns are built around the keywords. The utmost effectively searches engine marketing advertisers continuously improve and refine their keywords to drive more and more traffic and sales.

If you do not research keyword continuously, you could be missing lots of valuable, low cost, highly relevant, and long-tail keywords that can drive more traffic to your website and increase your sales.

Benefits of PPC Campaigns

It can be described with four points Speed, Precision, Agility and Measurement


If managed effectively, advertisers can drive much traffic to their website in less time. PPC ads are the fastest growing digital marketing strategy to get more traffic and sale and that too in lesser time.


The pay per click ads are keyword based on highly targeted search query towards the searcher to show them the ads too and are straight forward, especially on search and display network.


PPC ads performance data is available within no time of starting a PPC campaign. So, advertisers can make necessary adjustments as per their targeted audience to improve the chances of a successful campaign.


A PPC ad gives the facility of conversion tracking so that advertisers can effectively analyze the ROI of the campaign.

So, now as you know most of the things about PPC ads get your hands dipped and analyze yourself how effective it is.

On Page SEO and Keyword, We use in 2019

On Page Activity and SEO Keyword:-

I shall explain here On Page Activity such as your site Title, URL, Description, Meta Keyword, H tag, Sitemap, Robots.txt file, Keywords like Density, Stemming, Streaming, Stuffing, Prominence, Proximity and all.

What is Title?

We have to give a name to the web page of the site so it is called Title of the web page. A title is very important for your website. Because it contains only 50 to 70 character. We have to describe our product and service information within this character.

In my opinion, you should use 50 to 60 character very carefully which describes your website information of service and product. I think when someone searches on google engine about something,  google bot (Crawler or Spider) first check your site title for relevant information related to the product and service. If it finds the right information than Google move to the next step.

If you are a digital marketer then try to find out your client’s site title character. And if any need changes title name according to clients’ product and service.

 You guys should look at the image which is given below:

I searched on google Google shows this.

title, url and description
title, URL and description

What is URL?

URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. If your site URL name is same as your website describes things. So it will be great for your product and service. And your website could get a higher rank. Try to choose a short name for your URL. It can help your audience or user to remember your site name.

It is optional, means that(If you not having URL then find domain name as per your niche). If you got your site name then no problem.

e.g:  https//

And you find that this site is all about SEO and digital marketing.

What is Description of Web Page?

We describe our service and keyword related to the service within the description portion. Here you only write character between 140 to 160 which describe more about your site. Your content should be error free. Hence you should check your site description twice. Google crawler also check site Description. If search engine bot finds relevant query similar to your Title, URL and Description then search engine first show your site.

What is Meta keyword?

 We use Meta Keyword in HTML to provide extra information about our service and keyword in the HTML keyword tag, Eg. is given below. If your site is a custom website which means you hired someone to build your site.

Then tell him to add Meta Keyword in your website which is very useful to your site. Meta keyword character length is between 160 to  200 character.

meta keyword web page.
meta keyword

What is Header tag?

Header tag is HTML tag such as  H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6. H1 usually be the largest text on a page. We use H1 as a page title of every page. And H1 tag can be used only 1 time on each page. Other tags can be used multiple time like h2 can be used 10 times on each page. Other tags have a lesser degree of importance than H1.

Every digital marketer should check the H1 tag on the client’s site on each page.

If you want to see this above thing. Go to search browser/open any site/then ctrl +u, ctrl+shift+I or right click of the mouse then view source

view source of website page.
for title, url, description, meta tag, meta keyword

What is Sitemap?

A sitemap is nothing but an XML file. It helps google crawler to crawl your every page of the URL easily. So that your page could be an index on a search engine. If you own a site, you should create a sitemap for your site. If you are a digital marketer then find a sitemap on the site. If not found then tell a client to create one. By the way, the website designer creates a sitemap while launching your site.

sitemap of the website
full sitemap

What is Robots.txt?

Robots.txt is a text file also known as Robot Exclusion Protocol(REP) or standard. We create this file to allow or disallow a page to crawl. Which means that it allows web spider or search engine either to crawl a page or not to crawl a page. Let take an example: If you own a website and you disallow a page then your page will not see on a search engine. It is like public a page or makes it a private page.  

We store Robots.txt like on web hosting server. The Maximum limit of txt file is 1024 kb.

robots.txt file
robots text 

Keyword in SEO:-

What is Keyword Density?

Keyword density is a number of words which is used on every page. Ex. if your one page has 600 words and you use hello word 60 times on that page. So your keyword density is 10%. you can find out using the percentage method like 60/600*100. So keyword density should not be higher than 4 percentage per page. One more thing check also 1 to 4-word density. Out there a lot of tools available for keyword density. My favourite is the SEOquake. It is a browser extension which is available on every browser such as Google and Firefox browser.

keyword density in seo
Keyword density

What is Keyword Stuffing?

Stuffing Keyword is an SEO technique which is used to web spam and spamdexing in website page’s content. Which means to improve your content and use hypertext to provide the hyperlink in an attempt to gain a higher rank on search engine result page. So many digital marketers say that it is bad for your SEO. If you are truly building your website for a long time and providing information to your user so avoid stuffing.

Ex. if boy is a keyword.

keyword stuffing
keyword stuffing

What is LSI Keyword?

LSI is Latent Semantic Indexing which is a system algorithm used by Google Search Engine or other Search Engine. It is used to find a higher degree of correlation with your targeted keyword, Eg if you enter Apple on search engine searching bar then you get result Apple iPhone or Apple Fruits because search engine use LSI algorithm to find correct result related to your keyword and show the best result on SERP. And with the help of the LSI algorithm, Google also shows you 10 related words on the search bar.

you can see an example in keyword stemming image. The search bar is showing 10 results related to a used car with the help of LSI Algorithm.

What is Keyword Stemming?

Stemming Keyword is a process to generate a new word from the main root word. Such as you write used car. So used car is a root word and used a car for sale, used car to buy, used car to repair is a stemming keyword. Stemming is good SEO.

stemming keyword
keyword stemming

What is Keyword Streaming?

Streaming Keywords is a method to analyze relevant keyword on SERP and choose a word from the Search Engine Result Page. You can select the best word for your site and get organic traffic through the word.

streaming keyword
stream keyword

What is Keyword Proximity?

Proximity shows how the keyword is close to search word on Search Engine Result Page. Eg if you search Digital Marketing Business then Digital Marketing for Business and Digital Marketing for Small Business is a Proximity word.

keyword proximity
proximity keyword

What is Keyword Frequency?

When a word or phrases appear the number of times on each web page’s content. It is called Frequency Keyword. It is closely similar to word Density where Keyword Density is in Percentage.

keyword frequency
frequency keyword in seo

What is Keyword Prominence?

Prominence Keyword is also important in On-Page Activity. It refers that your keyword should be within a prominent area. The prominent area is like as  Title, Description, Header tag(eg H1, H2….), Meta Tag and first and last sentence of Paragraph.

keyword prominence
keyword prominence in seo


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